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Pet Friendly

Maggie in Pearls

Maggie in Pearls

Does Houmas House Allow Pets?

The Plantation grounds allow dogs on a leash.  We suggest calling our gift shop prior to arrival to let us know you will have a dog with you. Our resident pups are always around the property and it’s helpful for us to be aware of another dog on the property.

Gift Shop Phone Number: 225-473-9380

Can I Bring My Dog on the Mansion Tour?

We allow -well-behaved dogs on the mansion tour on a leash. However, if other guests on the tour are not comfortable with the dog, we ask that you wait for the next tour. We offer mansion tours every half hour.

Can I Bring My Dog in the Restaurants?

Only service dogs with a certificate are allowed in the restaurants. Outdoor seating is available for lunch and dogs are permitted.

Can I Bring My Dog to the Inn at Houmas House Overnight?

Yes!  We understand many people like to travel with their pets.  We provide bowls for food and water in the guest rooms. Please let us know prior to check in if you are bringing a dog with you.