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a bird sitting on top of a building

The Gardens of Houmas House, spanning 38 acres, are a panorama of indigenous Louisiana plant life and stunning exotics designed to beckon visitors to extend their stay.

The Gardens are planned to reflect the unique beauty of each part of the year with an extensive color renewal each April and November.

Many sitting areas have been provided around the property to invite guests to sit and experience the year-round grandeur of the ancient oak alley, the fragrance of spring and summer blooms and the sights and sounds of bird life, wildlife and plantation life of long ago.

Each courtyard displays a dramatic water feature where exotic Lotus and Lily pads thrive.  Large and colorful Koi friskily circle the ponds providing vibrant colors and a peaceful feeling.


With its year-round growing season, the Houmas House gardens are always alive with new plantings, new growth, and new blooms, even in the winter.  Adding to the natural show performed by the property’s plant life, the property is dramatically decorated for the holidays, both inside and out.


Spring comes early to plant life along the River Road, and the gardens at Houmas House literally explode overnight with color and fragrance. The gardens are managed to create a natural display of indigenous plant life and blooms alongside the more formal presentation of selected exotics that add to the overall Houmas House experience.


Cooling breezes from the Mississippi River are escorted onto the property by the ancient oak alley and cascaded onto appreciative visitors lingering in the fragrant gardens shaded by the spread of the plantation’s historic oaks. Both annuals and perennials flourish in south Louisiana’s warm, moist summer climate to create a sub-tropical feeling for summertime visitors.


905517_10153688624852232_2882759730141620204_oMany natives and visitors alike consider fall the best season for South Louisiana. Crisp mornings give way to a friendly afternoon sun. In this climate, Houmas House celebrates the traditional harvest season, including special decorations, inside and out, for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unlike more northerly climates, fall temperatures along the River Road promote longevity for the flourish of summer plants and allow for special plantings during these months.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep our gardens looking as good as they do? Here are some gardening tips from Houmas House Head Gardener, Craig Black.