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You’ve Hit the Honey Hole!

Houmas House Honey Bee
You’ve Hit the Honey Hole
The re-opening of Houmas House wasn’t the only thing creating a buzz to the public.  The resident honey bees had made themselves at home on the second story galley and had become a problem for visitors and the owner.  Hesitant to “get rid” of these busy bees, the owner called on a second generation bee keeper, Bobby Frierson, founder of Louisiana Gold Honey Farm.   Run by Bobby and his three sons, they have turned their passion into gold, liquid gold.
After relocating the bees from the Houmas mansion, they were offered to house and harvest the bee hives on nearby land also owned by the Houmas House owner, Kevin Kelly.  Here, the 12 bee boxes will harvest about 825 gallons of honey annually.  And in keeping with the Houmas House model of farm to table dining, this honey is used in the three on-site restaurants and available for purchase in the gift shop.
Commonly used as a homeopathic cure for allergies, sore throat and energy; this organic and chemical free honey is just one more way visitors can take a piece of Houmas House with them.
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