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The Great River Road Museum is Now Open

Great River Road Museum
The Mississippi River has proved to be the most important body of water in the United States. For early explorers, its width and powerful current taunted them as they attempted to cross and explore the other side. For businessmen it proved to be the answer for westward expansion. And for power-hungry leaders it was the cause of war and the prize of many battles.
Conquering the twists, turns and challenges of the Mighty Mississippi resulted in doubling the size of the newly discovered territory. It quickly became the main contributor to the physical and economic growth of what was to become The United States of America.
Visiting The Great River Road Museum opens visitors eyes to what early life along the lower Mississippi was like. The culture, commerce, folklore and music was a fusion of all the foreign countries that discovered and developed this new territory. From the wealthy owners of great sugar empires, to the humble lives of the enslaved, this museum details how each lived and survived by this powerful body of water.