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An Escape to Houmas House

Guests love to write about their experience at Houmas House.  After reading this blog, you will want to add Houmas House to your bucket list.

Original Post by She Has a Way, Ashley Hadley

When I came across old plantation houses, all standing within a reasonably close distance on River Road in Louisiana, I knew I had to go.  I love history and the hospitality the south brings. To think that Louisiana has 12 beautiful plantation homes left in reasonably close proximity is amazing. They have stood the test of time.

I want to tell you about Houmas House today. I felt that this plantation was the one that made everyone feel like they were home. They wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying their stay. This is the one plantation you will see the owner riding his golf cart around with his Labrador making sure everything is running smoothly. Houmas House still has a heart.

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