What to See

Houmas House is a historic landmark dating back to the early 1770’s when two French settlers happened upon the Houmas Indian tribe. From there, the next 240 years brought wars, floods, economic depression, agricultural growth, architectural and fashion trends and the evolution of the Houmas Estate.  Visiting this historic site offers a glimpse into the Antebellum and Victorian Eras but not just limited to a house tour.  To fully understand the history of this site and to experience all there is to see, make sure to allow plenty of time to see everything.

Houmas House aerial view
The Mansion

The historic mansion is the main draw that attractions tens of thousands of tourists each year from all over the world. The guided mansion tour is 60 minutes in length and includes every room on the first and second story of the mansion. There are no velvet ropes and every room is accessible and welcoming. Photography is allowed designated sitting areas are offered in each room.

The Gardens

The self-guided garden tour spans over 38 acres. The seasonal color renewal process in April and November provides visitors will full color all year round. Allow at least 30-45 minutes to enjoy the landscape, water features, sitting nooks and secret paths. Walking paths are provided to make the gardens walkable and easily navigated. Signage throughout the gardens show old photos and give historical tidbits.

The Turtle Bar

Located in one of the original garconierres (French for Boys House) from 1836, this cute building serves as a quaint bar offering 250 bottles of whiskey, rare bourbons, local beers and of course Southern favorites such as Mint Juleps. Open from 11 AM-10PM, guests enjoy sharing stories of their travels, visiting with locals and the occasional celebrity drop ins.

Pre-Civil War Submarine

Located in the Neptune Ballroom is a pre-Civil War submarine. This rare artifact is prominently displayed in front of a rock wall fountain and available for viewing during regular business hours- 9 AM-8 PM. Please note: This room is available for private meetings and events and may be closed to the public when hosting and event.

Art Noir Art Gallery & Studio

Just behind the Houmas Mansion is an art gallery and studio run by our resident Artist Gardener, Craig Black. Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, guests can wander through this gallery and see artwork created by this self-taught artist.

Gift Shop

Before leaving Houmas House save time to enjoy the expansive gift shop. From a large book selection to artwork to specialty gift items, you are certain to find the perfect item to remember your visit to Houmas House. Shipping is available. Please see gift shop employee for shipping options.

About Us

Houmas House is a historic estate located near New Orleans in Darrow, Louisiana.  Open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm. At Houmas House, visitors can tour the mansion and  grounds, stay in the inn, enjoy Louisiana cuisine, and host one-of-a-kind weddings and events.